The next step of the journey…

After spending seven years working in research, policy, and a year in project development, I am thrilled to join the dedicated staff at INNOVATIVE POWER SYSTEMS of St. Paul, MN.  IPS is one of the longest running solar companies in Minnesota.  It is an honor to join their dedicated and experienced staff. Please visit our website at

I will be involved in business development in Minnesota and the upper Great Lakes region, taking on all responsibilities for site assessment and development for IPS clients who desire to join the clean energy transition for our country.  My experience in the agriculture industry is proving to be very valuable for MN farmers seeking to work with local professionals as well as commercial businessmen across the state.

Those who have known me throughout my career in energy understand how motivated I have always been to create clean kilowatts of energy. My position with IPS will allow me to achieve that very specific goal.

2012-09-12 12.44.53 (2)

I-10 expressway into Palm Springs, CA

Thanks to all who have helped me achieve the knowledge and understanding that I have, I promise to put it to good use during this section of my career.

2012-09-12 12.32.15 (2)

California desert solar farm, check out the panel angle…..

Explore the rest of the site and stay in touch, the conversation about clean energy needs to be vibrant and updated on a continuous basis.  The energy transition is what needs to happen, lets do it together.